Edinburgh Parks Nursery - Commercial Native Plant Supplier
PHONE: 0438 895 160
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    The quality of all propagation and potted plant material at Edinburgh Parks Nursery is the primary concern of every person employed by the company. Each will be responsible for producing a quality product that will provide the client with a quality outcome that will fulfill all of the requirements of the relevant specifications.



    We pride ourselves on the quality of our stock. We supply many species that are native to South Australia and can supply a wide range of commercial landscape plants as well as plants for native revegetation.



    Edinburgh Parks Nursery is proudly owned and operated by South Australians, growing plants for South Australian conditions. We grow provenance plants of the greater metropolitan area and surrounding districts in tubes and 140mm pots. Qualified and knowledgeable staff with over 15 years experience in the South Australian Nursery, Landscape and Environment management industry can assist with species selection for all of your project requirements.

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